About Me

Hello cake lovers! 


My name is June and I love to bake and style celebration cakes. What started out as a hobby, and favours for my family and friends, has now become my true passion and I spend most of my free time in my purpose-built cake room in my cosy little cottage. 


Based in the heart of Scotland, just south of Pitlochry, I am called upon regularly to create beautiful cakes, of any size and style, for all occasions. Perthshire is a wonderfully picturesque and magical area which is why so many people choose to have their weddings, special birthdays and other get-togethers right here, in the stunning Scottish Highlands. I can create personal, handmade celebration cakes from start to finish, to suit any occasion at all and of course, using the finest of ingredients. 


I can also incorporate any ideas that you may have to produce a far more personalised cake that not only looks special but tastes delightful too! I don’t only bake fabulous, bespoke cakes, I also love to have a part in commemorating your special day. Let’s be honest, a gathering without a wonderful cake is just a meeting!